My work is focused on creating an abstract environment. One that is populated by symbols, shapes, lines, positive/negative space, and pattern. It is through the relationship of these objects that a painterly vocabulary emerges. Is a “Z” a “Z”? Is it a zig zag, an awkward line, a road leading you into the dark, a lightning bolt, or a symbol with a personal meaning? I think of an opening or positive/negative space as a way of entering a place. The picture plane is more 3D than 2D. You are looking thru an opening, window, or door way into a space, a space that can be read in many different ways. An empty room, the night sky, or looking off into the landscape. I look to interpret and reinterpret this space with each painting. One painting may inform another but in the end each of its own making.  


Brian Edmonds lives and works in Alabama. His work can be found throughout North America and Europe.